What professional development training do your employees need to better succeed? Do any of these soft skills fit the bill?

Business Etiquette & Relationship Building
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Seminars, Webinars, Speeches, E-Learning & Train the Trainer

The Emily Post Institute is the premier business etiquette company in the United States. Emily Post doesn’t waive an encyclopedia of rules at program participants; rather, these third and fourth generation family members train new hires, sales professionals, mid-career professionals, leadership teams and C-suite executives in techniques for building and sustaining professional relationships. It’s not just about which for you use!

Business Etiquette Content:

Communication etiquette

  • Writing protocols
  • Telephone protocols
  • E-mail/IM protocols
  • Social Media protocols

Business social etiquette

  • Networking best practices
  • Handshakes and introductions
  • Good host & good guest

Workplace etiquette

  • Meeting protocols
  • Handling annoying situations
  • Respecting space

Dining Etiquette

  • Business-style & formal
  • Good host & good guest
  • Continental vs. American, napkins, yes, and silverware

Conflict management

  • Five-step method for solving issues
  • How to deal with difficult co-workers
  • General office manners for building relationships

Personal Brand and Professional Image

  • The three Cs: Consistency, Confidence, Credibility
  • Self-awareness and perspective
  • Professional dress

Experts: Peter Post, Anna Post, Dan Post Senning

To learn more about Emily Post’s Business Etiquette Seminars, webinars, e-learning, and train the trainer, go to www.emilypost.com or Email Dawn Stanyon

Presentation & Communication Skills

Workshops, Webinars, Speeches & Coaching

Ovation Communication is a professional skills development firm that teaches individuals in any occupation to deliver their message more effectively. Whether over the phone, in front of a group or through emails and IM’s, Ovation provides your employees with the tools to communicate more efficiently and build stronger relationships.

Communication & Presentation Content:

  • Communication Essentials
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Virtual Communication
  • Relationship Building
  • Networking Skills
  • Meeting Facilitation

All Ovation Communication trainers are professional actors with strong business acumen.

To learn more about Ovation Communication’s programs and workshops, go to www.OvationComm.com or Email Dawn Stanyon

Leadership & Personal Brand/Professional Presence

Consulting, Seminars, Keynotes, Executive Coaching

Illustra Consulting is a globally-active professional skills firm specializing in all aspects of executive leadership preparation and career acceleration. Illustra provides dynamic real-time opportunities for professionals to practice advanced techniques and innovative strategies in leadership and personal branding. Audiences can range from new hires to diversity groups, managers, high potentials and mid-to-upper-level executives.

Leadership & Personal Brand Content:

  • Branding: Uncovering individual leadership talent & value
  • Professional presence: Impression management for influential leadership
  • Professional dress for professional success
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication for leaders
  • The Predictable PromotionTM System
  • Charismatic leadership techniques
  • How to Zig-Zag Your Way to the Top TM

Expert: Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBS

To learn more about Illustra Consulting programs and workshops, go to www.illustraconsulting.com or Email Dawn Stanyon

Emotional Intelligence & Employee Engagement

Consulting, Assessments, Training, Coaching

Global research proves that professionals who achieve greater levels of effectiveness have higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. For example, sales professionals with higher levels of EI drive more sales than those with lower levels of EI; leaders with higher levels of EI are better at creating the conditions where motivation, inspiration, and innovation can flourish.

In a nutshell, Emotional Intelligence are the skills that define how one perceives, understands, reasons with and manages one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Genos International partners with corporations to understand and increase their employees’ Emotional Intelligence skills to increase effectiveness and success.

Emotional Intelligence Content:

  • EI Assessments and Workshops for leadership and management
  • Employee Engagement Assessments and Workshops
  • EI Train the Trainer for corporate training professionals

To learn more about Genos International assessments and training, go to www.genosinternational.com or Email Dawn Stanyon.

Sales Excellence Systems

Consulting, Training, Coaching

Imagine having the best-trained sales team in your industry. Then imagine significantly increased sales and client/customer retention. EXCELLEUMâ„¢ Coaching & Consulting is a dynamic and effective sales excellence system. It structures unique ways to provide your employees with the tools they need to do their jobs: bring in and maintain relationships and, bottom line, increase revenue.

A sample of training topics:

  • Time management and organization
  • Building rapport with prospects
  • Developing customized service programs to fit customer needs
  • How to ask quality questions
  • Group sales presentations
  • Retention and delivering A+ service
  • Resolving customer issues and conflict more effectively
  • Winning back customers who have left or stopped purchasing
  • Providing value to the customer and their staff
  • Getting past the gatekeeper.
  • Working and converting new leads
  • Perfecting the cold call
  • Mastering the scripts and objection handling
  • Goal setting and mindset

Expert: Debbie DeGrote

To learn more about Excelleum sales consulting, training and coaching, go to www.excelleum.com or Email Dawn Stanyon.