What professional development training do your employees need to better succeed? Do any of these soft skills fit the bill?


Workshops, Distance Learning, Assessments, Train the Trainer

Ovation Communication’s Business Etiquette training imparts the skill and art of courteous interactions. Fortune 1000 executives spend seven weeks each year resolving employee conflicts and putting out fires involving client missteps. Business etiquette workshops provide a civility framework to empower employees to build better professional relationships and managers to spend time building business instead of putting out fires.

Business Etiquette Content:

Communication etiquette

  • Writing protocols
  • Telephone protocols
  • E-mail/IM protocols
  • Social Media protocols

Business social etiquette

  • Networking best practices
  • Handshakes and introductions
  • Good host & good guest

Workplace etiquette

  • Meeting protocols
  • Handling annoying situations
  • Respecting space
Dining Etiquette

  • Business-style & formal
  • Good host & good guest
  • Continental vs. American, napkins, yes, and silverware

Conflict management

  • Five-step method for solving issues
  • How to deal with difficult co-workers
  • General office manners for building relationships

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Workshops, Webinars, Speeches & Coaching

Ovation Communication is a professional communication skills consulting firm that teaches individuals in any occupation to deliver their message more effectively. Whether over the phone, in front of a group or through emails and IM’s, Ovation provides employees with the tools to communicate more efficiently and build stronger relationships.

Ovation’s top programs:

  • Essential Presentation Skills
  • Conference Delivery
  • Advanced Corporate Messaging
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Etiquette
  • Written Communication

All Ovation Communication trainers are professional actors with strong business acumen.

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The Wine Coach

Workshops, Dining Experiences & Stand up

Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach is an award-winning sommelier, author, radio personality and comedian. She demystifies wine with her down-to-earth “Jersey Girl” approach and easy expertise.


Perfect Pairings (Dinner)

Laurie teaches the keys to food and wine pairings and then over dinner teaches participants how to create perfect pairings every time – all with lots of laughter and “Ah ha!” moments.

Name that Wine! (Team Building)

Laurie teaches participants the art of “blind tasting” – tasting wine without knowing its identity. Teams also learn the skills needed to identify each wine’s grape varietal and then compete to see who can really Name that Wine! Contests, prizes and team work guaranteed.

Something to Wine About (Entertainment)

This laid back and hilarious take on wine tasting is a great way to entertain your group after a busy day of training or during any corporate event. Laurie’s stand up has been labeled as “where wine meets punchline!” As the StandUp SommelierTM, Laurie peels back the labels of your favorite wines to expose the truth via her life in the wine business. The show includes wine tasting, comedy and audience games.

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No matter your job or situation in life, a consistent image is your personal brand and combined with your intelligence, emotional intelligence, and skills can be your key to professional
success. What attributes do managers, colleagues, customers/clients, family and friends – even total strangers – see remember? And is there a “disconnect” between how you see yourself and how others see you?

Personal brand program

  • Assessments
  • Understand attributes & increase awareness of limitations
  • Image management and goal setting

Non-verbal communication/body language

  • How to project confidence
  • How to deflect aggressive behavior and build rapport
  • How to create a comfortable atmosphere
Business communication

  • Build relationships and navigate conflict
  • Your personal brand in the digital world
  • Networking top practices

Professional dress

  • Levels of dress
  • Men’s style; women’s style
  • Style, fit and color to represent personal brand

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