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I wore a long white shirt today paired with jeans thus I thought...

I wore a long white shirt today paired with jeans thus I thought about ways to wear this combo to work.

Three ideas, all featuring a long white shirt and a pair of fitted brown trousers, and all playing with proportion:

– Pop on a short jacket
– Wear a long vest
– Put on a v-neck sweater (maybe cropped)

Have a great weekend!

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Thank you for following Professionality. There are 10 gazillion...

Thank you for following Professionality. There are 10 gazillion sources for information on professionalism, style, image, clothing, personal brand, and general quirky wisdom. I’m honored that you glance this way once in a while. I appreciate you.

I appreciate you and I want to help you. Do you have work-related questions and concerns? Do you want specific information on how to dress your carcass for success? Do you want to know more about body shapes? Representing your brand (You!)? Submit questions any old time. I’ll create a post that addresses your need.

Best and here’s to kicking butt in 2016,


Source:: Professionality Consulting

Can pastels work for you?

Pantone, the arbiter of color, named a soft blue and a soft pink “Color of the Year.” We can all count on seeing racks of these soft and milky hues. Here are a few tips for wearing “Serenity” and “Rose Quartz,” if pastels make you look like death warmed over.

– Wear pastels on your bottom not your top.
– Wear a scarf in a color that works for you on top of the pastel shirt, sweater or dress. (Note the look in the middle.)
– Wear a high-contrast color jacket on top of the pastel. (Note the look on the left).

Generally, these soft colors – the blue and the pink – work best on people with “low contrast” coloring – such as ash blonde hair and fair “pinky” skin. As always, if you love ‘em, wear ‘em.

Source:: Professionality Consulting

Spoiler: The Word is Purpose

2015 was a year of significant change for me. It was our first year in the Berkshires after living in Burlington, Vermont for 30 years: a new home, new people, a different vibe. Not having my best friends around for a coffee, lunch or night out took a bit of joy out of my day to day. My work situation changed. And worst of all, a neighbor was murdered. No joke. It was a bad year.

Of course, there were many positives: my daughter graduated from college (How. Did. This. Happen.); my son spread his wings and travelled to Nepal (and was back before the earthquakes); new friends; a beautiful place to live; and an amazing trip to New Orleans with my hubby (The food! The culture! The food!). But I’m greedy: I want more positives!

And so, like you, I’m online searching for joy and I see the One Word Challenge. Ahhhh, THIS is for me. A word to inspire professional and personal growth in 2016. I can so do this. The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, chose “Simplify,” which she then shortened to just “Simple,” and then went all the way (as she does) and simplified “Simple” to not having a word at all (what can be more simple than that?). Good work, Jenny! I think, however, that I can just about handle one word.

I know that I’m an enthusiastic and determined person. I haven’t felt those personality traits in several months. Meh. Look, I’m working on it! Maybe I should choose “Enthusiastic” or “Determined” then?

How about “Yes” – inspired by Shonda Rhimes’s book and life path, Year of Yes? I do want to say yes to opportunities but I also want to not say yes to everything.

I was watching Hoarders this morning (don’t judge) while running on the treadmill. You know Hoarders? It’s an A & E reality show that features individuals who struggle with hoarding/OCD mental health issues and their efforts to dig out from under their burdens. In this episode, a distraught woman struggled to let go of the possessions and garbage surrounding her. A concerned family member said something like, “You need to let go of things so you can build a life with purpose.” That’s it!

My word for 2016 is Purpose. I will navigate everyday with purpose. I will build friendships with purpose. I will develop career opportunities with purpose. I will consume at least two cups of coffee each day with purpose (so I can wake up and tackle everything with purpose!).

Most importantly, I will help others. What greater purpose is there than that?

What’s your word for 2016? And if it’s “Chickpea,” “Fandango,” or “Just-get-a-frigging-job,” that’s okay too. Happy New Year!

Source:: Professionality Consulting

Pops of red on a wet day

Weather. Go figure. Last year at this time, here in the Berkshires, there was a blanket of snow. This year it’s mild and damp. If you like to feel festive during this time of year, but warm temperatures and rain clouds bring you down, don some holiday color for work. Pops of red in your hat, shoes and/or bag might liven you up. Go ahead and put on some red lipstick too, if that works for you. You don’t need to wear a Rudolph sweater with LED-bulb Christmas earrings to be merry and bright.

Source:: Professionality Consulting

So, you’re shaped like an O

I’m a graduate of the “every body’s beautiful” school. Some of us are shaped like slender hourglasses and some like delicious pears; some are lanky rectangles and others are wide-shouldered “inverted triangles.” Whatever your shape, your body is yours and yours alone. It’s the only carcass you are ever going to own. And it’s amazing. Some of us wear whatever-in-the-hell we want and others are very careful to dress to accentuate what we perceive as our positives. If you’re one of those people who carefully choose clothes for confidence, and you’re shaped like an “O” with rounded/sloping shoulders, a rounded middle section, likely a flat bum and slender legs, this infographic is for you.

Notes about each look from left to right:

1. This look works for an “O” because the open sweater creates a vertical line and flows over your shape, the lively leopard-print top makes the eye move around and up, the belt creates a waist. Note that the skirt is a pencil. You might find that a skirt with a flair is more flattering because it can balance your shape.

2. This look works for an “O” because it features a V-neck. V-s and wide necklines are flattering for your shape. The neckline and the chunky necklace move the eye up. The sweater is a second layer (second layers always enhance an outfit) with a belt which you can tight around your narrowest section (right under your boobs, for real).

3. This look works for an “O” because the vest, over an empire-waist dress (always comfy), flares a bit at the bottom creating balance, has a belt that you can once again tie up under your boobs (Should I be saying breasts? Is that better? “The girls”?), or you can leave the vest open without the belt. The wedge shoe enhances your great legs. What I wouldn’t give to have great legs. (We all have our issues.)

You can search Professionality for other looks for “O” or apple shapes. Also check out my buddy Imogen Lamport’s blog Inside Out Style. You can search her blog to find outstanding content to help you dress to feel wonderful.

Source:: Professionality Consulting