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Careers in fundraising, sales, professional image, and personal branding have situated me to help individuals and small businesses to understand their brand, tell their stories, and grow their success.

Instagram change: Curated instead of Chrono

Why? Why do the social media giants keep messing with our dashboards? The change from posts appearing in reverse chronological order to curated order happened first with Facebook, then Twitter, now Instagram (owned by Facebook).

As a branding professional, I spend more than my fair share of time on social media sites. And I completely understand corporate reasons for curating user feeds: 1) To zone in on consumer interests to make sites more marketable for corporations; 2) To make the experience better for the users. My gut tells me that reason one greatly outweighs reason two (tell me if you think I’m wrong).

Hey, I’m a big girl. Social media sites are, in theory, money-making corporations who have their own missions and pressures. I understand why they are making this change to curated over reverse chronological. I just prefer to have the power to see what I want to see and curate my dashboard feed myself.

Do you have a work bestie?

I do believe that 89% of my best friends have come from places I have worked (I haven’t done an actual statistical analysis…).

I worked as a temp at a desk-top publishing business in the very early ‘90s for a hot minute – one of my very best friends is from that experience. I worked in development and communications for 13 years at an amazing Visiting Nurse Association – several of my great friends are from there including my friend from the temp job who I managed to bring in to cover my job during a maternity leave (she never left! Hi Susan!). I worked at The Emily Post Institute – add another best friend.

According to a Ross School of Business study, only about 30% of Americans had a work bestie in 2004 compared to 50% in 1985. I can only assume that the statistic has dwindled in the past 10 years. And I don’t even know if these office friends were personal life friends.

I’m curious: Do you have co-workers who have become life-long friends? Have you experienced a down-side to the work/personal life crossover? Are women more likely to embark on the work/personal friendship path?

Source:: Professionality Consulting

Inspired by Cate

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Just watched Chris Rock’s opening monologue? Or maybe followed the Red Carpet action? I watch snippets, glean the high points, and oggle the fashion, of course. Honestly, everyone looked beautiful, handsome,

[INSERT YOUR OWN POSITIVE ADJECTIVE HERE!]. My favorite dresses were worn by Rooney Mara, Naomi Watts, and Cate Blanchett. I also adored the overall vibe of Mindy Kaling, Lady Gaga, and Chrissy Teigen.

This set is inspired by ever-elegant Cate Blanchett. The work-appropriate looks are very loosely based on her mint floral-applique Armani Prive gown. Very. Loosely. Based.

Source:: Professionality Consulting

What Is Marketing, Really? | Michael Brenner | LinkedIn

What Is Marketing, Really? | Michael Brenner | LinkedIn:

I’m in California. My big sis and I are going to head off to Sacramento to see family and have some fun in Old Town. But of course, I have to start my day with a little poking around on the Internet.

I just read this solid article by Michael Brenner. He writes about what good marketing is: a conversation. Banners and pop up ads aren’t good marketing.

So then, branding is telling your stories consistently and confidently. It’s just part of that conversation.

Agreed, Mr. Brenner. Agreed.

What do you think? And let me know if you have any Sacramento recommendations.

Source:: Professionality Consulting

What I wore from Hartford to Denver to San Jose

I’m on a vacation: visiting my dear family and friends in San Jose, Gilroy, Sacramento, and Long Beach (Not a work trip but I am working…my way across the state!). Even if I’m not in powerhouse work mode, I like to look put together – like a big, grown-up girl.

I love blue and black together, so I paired a long blue tunic with a pair of ponte pants, and a moto jacket. Accessories were a long necklace, blue pointy-toed flats, silver earrings, a long scarf/wrap, and all the necessary electronic accoutrements.

Source:: Professionality Consulting