3 cool tips to reach your fans this summer (pun intended ;>)

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3 cool tips to reach your fans this summer (pun intended ;>)

I don’t know about you but when it gets really hot out – when the sun beats down on asphalt roads creating those cool wavy mirages, and geraniums, marigolds and people are more droopy and less perky – I assume that everyone is away on vacation and not paying attention to their newsfeeds. This is misguided thinking.

While it’s true that people are less likely to engage with brands in June, July and August, remember that a strong successful brand is one that is consistent. And that means posting valuable content right through the “lazy” days of summer. Hootsuite actually tweeted to their followers and asked, “How do your social media feeds change over the summer.” Here’s what people tweeted back. There were some great responses.

Here are three ideas to engage your followers (and yourself – stop daydreaming about that vacation you’re going to take in August!) and keep your social media popping:

  1. Make it seasonal. What are YOU thinking about? The beach? A frosty glass of lemonade? Sweet slices of grilled pineapple on a juicy burger? Summer camp memories? It’s likely your followers are thinking about those things too. Relate your service or product to warm-weather content.Here’s an example of an Instagram post I did for ExtraSpecialTeas, a non-profit teahouse in Great Barrington, MA. It says, “Here at ExtraSpecialTeas, we believe that every season should be celebrated.” I used our regular hashtags and added a seasonal one (#flipflopseason). I’ll take 21 likes on a hot day.
  2. Re-evaluate your posting times. When are people interacting with your posts? Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, there are ways you can monitor heavy-usage times. For example, on Facebook you can click on Insights and then Posts to see what time of day people are seeing your posts. If your busiest time of day used to be noon and now you see that more people are checking their feed at 9:00 pm, make sure you start posting around 9:00 pm.
  3. Great time to try ads. If you’ve never tried an ad on your favorite social media platform, now’s the time. They’re affordable and easy to create. Think about your audience and what they want. Create an ad with a great photo, choose your audience, drop $30 and see what happens. You might only gain a handful of followers. Or you might move some merchandise, if you drive them to your online sale. You’re never going to know unless you try.

I’ve got to go: I need an iced coffee so I can power through this day. Let me know if I can help you. Shoot me an email!