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Personal Preferences and Social Media Tools

We humans are so unique. We have our own personalities with such distinct preferences. For example, you may be moved by feats of bravery while I’m moved by acts of kindness. You may love to be the life of the party while I love to be the life of the party and then curl up in the corner of the couch with a book. You may love the sunshine of California while I love the Berkshires of Massachusetts (well, I love the sunshine in CA too!) Be that as it may, if you’re reading this you’re probably interested in social media communication – and so am I! See, we’re different but we do have something in common.

Here are a few tools and changes in the fast-moving digital world that may interest you.

  1. If you create images for social media sites, you’ll want this 2017 sizing cheat sheet.
  2. Tired of making multiple different-sized images for different social media sites? Canva makes it easy. I’m in love with Canva and would marry it if I could and here’s one reason: You can create an image and then duplicate it and then with a click change it to the size you need. So, let’s say you create a image for a Facebook post – and you want to use the same image for Twitter and Insta. With Canva you can do that in seconds. SECONDS!
  3. Not sure when’s the best time to post on different sites? Check out this awesome infographic by Brafton. Of course, you will know your audiences and monitor your best times to post – but this is a fun little cheat sheet.
  4. One of my clients is an adorable teahouse in Great Barrington, MA that’s also a vocational program for young adults with mental and development disabilities. They are upgrading their website to be an e-commerce site so we’re very excited about Instagram’s expanded shopping tags. I post lots of pics that include tea, gluten-free baked goods, and charming and quirky products – now I can tag an item in the picture and link it directly to the item on the website. So. Cool.
  5. If you want to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with social media and digital marketing, I recommend subscribing to Social Media Today. They push out great content – I always find something of interest in every email.

Any of these five items interest you? Well, me too! We have so much in common!