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Instagram change: Curated instead of Chrono

Why? Why do the social media giants keep messing with our dashboards? The change from posts appearing in reverse chronological order to curated order happened first with Facebook, then Twitter, now Instagram (owned by Facebook).

As a branding professional, I spend more than my fair share of time on social media sites. And I completely understand corporate reasons for curating user feeds: 1) To zone in on consumer interests to make sites more marketable for corporations; 2) To make the experience better for the users. My gut tells me that reason one greatly outweighs reason two (tell me if you think I’m wrong).

Hey, I’m a big girl. Social media sites are, in theory, money-making corporations who have their own missions and pressures. I understand why they are making this change to curated over reverse chronological. I just prefer to have the power to see what I want to see and curate my dashboard feed myself.