Do you have a work bestie?

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Do you have a work bestie?

I do believe that 89% of my best friends have come from places I have worked (I haven’t done an actual statistical analysis…).

I worked as a temp at a desk-top publishing business in the very early ‘90s for a hot minute – one of my very best friends is from that experience. I worked in development and communications for 13 years at an amazing Visiting Nurse Association – several of my great friends are from there including my friend from the temp job who I managed to bring in to cover my job during a maternity leave (she never left! Hi Susan!). I worked at The Emily Post Institute – add another best friend.

According to a Ross School of Business study, only about 30% of Americans had a work bestie in 2004 compared to 50% in 1985. I can only assume that the statistic has dwindled in the past 10 years. And I don’t even know if these office friends were personal life friends.

I’m curious: Do you have co-workers who have become life-long friends? Have you experienced a down-side to the work/personal life crossover? Are women more likely to embark on the work/personal friendship path?

Source:: Professionality Consulting