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Consider a brand filter

A professional brand isn’t just how we dress our bodies, how we communicate, and how we treat others at work: it’s also how we put ourselves out there in the world and on the interwebs. We all have Facebook pages and Instagram accounts filled with close and not-so-close friends where we let it fly (which can still be dangerous but I’m not going to be all “your grandmother” here). But when we’re posting, tweeting, and blogging to represent our professional selves, to inspire customers, clients and brand fans, we need to be authentic AND judicious.

Here’s something that works: A “filter” so that you can easily assess what you can post, retweet, and like to best represent you. Here are three suggestions for a solid social media filter:

1. Define your brand in three to five words. If the content doesn’t hit on the feel of those attributes, be like a Disney princess and let it go.

2. Know your audience. The marketing tool of creating avatars for your ideal clients/customers works here. Who are your target Facebook fans and Pinterest pinners? Use their likes, needs, and interests as part of you filter web.

3. Always be of service. Whenever you’re tweeting or posting, ask yourself, “How will this benefit my audience?” This doesn’t mean you can’t post sometimes random and quirky content (especially if random and quirky are part of your brand). It just means that the quirk should be of interest to your followers.

Source:: Professionality Consulting